Past Simple Regular Verb Endings (By Richard Chalmers)

He speaks slowly and clearly in British English.
0:00 -- Introduction
0:22 -- Voiced and Unvoiced Sounds
3:48 -- Number of Syllables
4:22 -- Stay is voiced. It adds “ed” to form the past simple.
4:39 -- Finish is unvoiced. It adds “ed to form the past simple.
5:06 -- Rule Number 1: unvoiced ==> /t/
5:26 -- Rule Number 2: voiced ==> /d/
5:42 -- The /id/ sound
8:04 -- Remember

Pronunciation: 'ed' endings
Regular verbs in the simple past all end in 'ed'. These two small letters can be pronounced in three different ways. In the programme we find out what these different pronunciations are and give our challenger Oséias Alves from Brazil  the chance to produce the correct sounds in our role-play.

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There are three different ways to pronounce the 'ed' ending of regular verbs in the simple past tense: / Id / as in
visited [vɪzɪtɪd], / t / as in stopped [stɒpt] or / d / as in cleaned [kli:nd].

The pronunciation depends on the sound at the end of the infinitve of the main verb and whether it is voiced or not which means (unvoiced).
/Id /
infinitives that end in the sounds
/t/ or /d/
/ d /

infinitives that end in a voiced sound [b, g, v, ʒ, ʤ, z, ð, l, m, n] or a vowel


/ t /

infinitves that end in an unvoiced sound [p, k, f, ʃ, ʧ, s, θ]

A voiced sound vibrates in your throat when you say it. Gently put your hands in your throat and say the word BUZZ. You should feel a vibration because the sound is voiced. Now, say BUS. You should not feel a vibration because the sound is unvoiced.

**As well as some consonant sounds, all vowels sounds are voiced such as
[b, g, v, ʒ, ʤ, z, ð, l, m, n] or a vowel.

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